Trade Plus Printing has been in operation since 1997 specializes in selling and buying of use printing equipment. We also specialize in use Heidelbergs, Komori, Hamadas CD. A.B. Dick 360CDs Ryobi 2800CDs and other used printing equipment.We buy and sell good condition used printing equipment.But the main focus of Trade Plus Printing will be in selling used Heidelbergs and Komori presses, one to ten colors. If you have any older 70s or 80s Heidelberg 102, 2 to 5 colors or GTOs that you need to sell right away please let me know. Trade Plus Printing in conjuction with Vistaprint has helped customers over the years for all their printing needs.
Office (512)292-9994 Cell (512)736-9575 Fax (512)292-0324
7813 Palacios Dr Austin, Tx 78749
I have been in the printing industry for over thirty five
years, four as a equipment dealer. My company will only
deal with honest and ethical dealers and customers

I have found out that in this business there are some
dealers who do not practice honesty and fairness.
Some of these are in our own Country the U.S.A
And some are in other Countries like Nigeria.

I can show you a $60.000 Fraud check to prove it.
The point is deal with people you know, or check
them out before buying, it will save you heartaches

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